cover image John Lennon

John Lennon

Tony Bradman, Alan J. P. Taylor, Don Hewitson. H. Hamilton, $0 (192pp) ISBN 978-0-241-11579-4

British wine critic Hewitson offers a highly personal look at the wines of the world. The book is organized geographically by wine-growing regions; all major wine-producing countries are covered. Nearly half of the pages are devoted to France, while Germany, Spain, the U.S. (California), Italy, Australia and New Zealand share the rest. The discussions are enlivened by the author's delightful reminiscences, and his passion for wine is evident throughout. Although there is research underlying this passion, Hewitson dismisses too much of it as unworthy. The book may catch the fancy of the aspiring connoisseur or teach the wine veteran a new trick, but neither will be satisfied. There are striking color and black-and-white photographs. (April)