cover image Look Out, He's Behind You

Look Out, He's Behind You

Tony Bradman, M. Chamberlain. Putnam Publishing Group, $11.95 (20pp) ISBN 978-0-399-21485-1

This Lift-the-Flap Book is a send-up of the Little Red Riding Hood tale. An introduction to the cast (Red, her grandmother and the woodcutter) includes a door, behind which lurks the big bad wolf; the animals of the forest keep warning Red Riding Hood with the refrain found in the title. The wolf can be found hanging from the branches of a tree and breathing through a snorkel from his hiding place in a water trough. When he pops out to nab Red, he, too, is offered a ``Look out, he's behind you,'' but not before the woodcutter has grabbed him. Funny asides from all the characters add charm to this telling; the irreverence will appeal to children as much as the lift-the-flap concept does. Ages 3-8. (September)