cover image A Bad Week for the Three Bears

A Bad Week for the Three Bears

Tony Bradman. Random House Books for Young Readers, $2.25 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-679-83379-6

Ever wonder what the lives of the three bears were like before their visit from that porridge-eating, chair-breaking, bed-rumpling heroine? According to Bradman, whose bouncy if not especially inventive verse describes the goings-on of the preceding week, the days held a sequence of small disasters--most of which were orchestrated by mischievous Junior. Father burns the porridge more than once and suffers a bout with the flu, and Junior's report card indicates he's breaking all of the rules at school. He also breaks a neighbor's window and causes the TV to explode. On Sunday, after Father ruins breakfast once again and Junior smashes the elder bruin's best cup, the family enjoys a restorative romp in the forest. But guess who's waiting for them at home? Youngsters aren't likely to notice the occasional repetitiousness of Bradman's rhymes, and will giggle over Williams's spirited, busy illustrations of Junior's shenanigans. Ages 3-6. (May)