cover image Through My Window

Through My Window

Tony Bradman. Silver Burdett Press, $5.75 (28pp) ISBN 978-0-382-09258-9

Jo, who has a fever when she wakes up in the morning, has to remain inside all day. Her father plans to stay home with her, although her mother has to go to work. But Jo's mother promises to bring Jo a surprise on her return. Jo can't wait; all day long, whenever she hears a noise, she hopes it's her mother. But instead it's a neighbor, or the window washer, or a dog chasing a cat outside in the street. Finally Jo's mother does come home, and the surprise is a play doctor's kit. The fact that the married couple in this book are interracial is of some interest, but it's not enough to save both text and illustrations from mediocrity. (38)