cover image La Carretera

La Carretera

Cormac McCarthy / Author Vintage Books USA $14.95 (210p) ISBN

McCarthy here offers a prescient account of a man and his son trying to survive in a devastated country where food is scarce and everyone has become a scavenger. The term ""survival of the fittest"" rings true here-very few people remain, and friends are extinct. Essentially, this is a story about nature vs. nurture, commitment and promises, and though there aren't many characters, there is abundant life in the prose. We are reminded how McCarthy has mastered the world outside of our domestic and social circles, with each description reading as if he had pulled a scene from the landscape and pasted it in the book. He uses metaphors the way some writers use punctuation, sprinkling them about with an artist's eye, showing us that literature from the heart still exists. [Recommended for all Spanish-language fiction collections.] [LJ 9/1/06]