cover image Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse

Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse

Win Blevins / Author Forge $23.95 (400p) ISBN 978-0-312-85567-

The life of Crazy Horse, the greatest war chief of the Sioux Indian nation, is the subject of this moving and authentically detailed novel from Blevins (Snake River). Widely considered to be the finest Indian cavalry tactician of all time, Crazy Horse spent his adult life waging war against the white man. Taught by his uncle, Buffalo Hump, Crazy Horse eagerly embraced the traditional warrior's skills, honor and purpose, believing that ``war was not meant to be cold rage but exhilaration.'' Adorned with his distinctive war paint--streaks of lightning and spots of hail--and accompanied by his spirit guide, Hawk, the chief led his Sioux warriors in many of the frontier's most famous battles from 1865 to 1876, including the Battle of Little Bighorn. Crazy Horse and his two loves, Black Buffalo Woman and Black Shawl, tried vainly to maintain their freedom, dignity and pride in the face of white encroachment, but they were finally and ironically overwhelmed by jealousy and betrayal at the hands of Sioux rivals. A deeply thoughtful and persuasive tribute, Blevins's novel offers the compelling story of a man destined for triumph and betrayal, but ultimately for glory. (June)