cover image Bold Angel-32dp

Bold Angel-32dp

Kat Martin. St. Martin's Press, $79.84 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-312-95354-6

Sizzling with sexual tension and ripe with rich emotion, this medieval romance is a real pleasure. Norman knight Ral the Relentless cannot forgive himself for mistakenly allowing Caryn of Ivesham and her sister Gweneth to be assaulted by a cruel Saxon lord. When, three years later, Ral has the chance to set matters right and aid of the sisters, he seizes the opportunity. But part of his plan to safeguard Caryn is a pretend engagement that becomes more real than either party wants. Caryn and Ral's fiery wills and equally fiery passions share the pages with a wealth of secondary story lines and amusing characters that lend both humor and pathos to this lively tale. As in her past historicals (Sweet Vengeance), Martin keeps true to time but the romance is paramount. Nor does she give in to the cumberson dialogue, somber tone and other pitfalls that trip up some who write about the period. (Sept.)