cover image Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Kat Martin. Zebra Books, $6.99 (349pp) ISBN 978-0-8217-7380-2

It's hard to figure out why Midnight Sun is categorized as a ""romantic suspense"" when there is none of the latter; the only suspense is in waiting to see if something suspenseful will happen. As a romance, however, Kat Martin's tale of 28-year-old Charity Sinclair, a New York career woman who leaves her job editing adventure books to follow her dream of prospecting in the Yukon, has considerable strength. Readers can rest assured that Charity finds far more than mere gold dust, and the author's descriptions of Charity's neighbor, Call Hawkins, linger lovingly on every one of the rugged recluse's physical attributes. Well-researched theories about DNA-transmitted ""inherited memories""-offered in explanation of Charity's obsession with the Klondike Gold Rush-are intriguing, and temptingly detailed ""how-to"" descriptions of modern gold-panning methods will activate readers' get-rich-quick fantasies.