cover image Perfect Sin

Perfect Sin

Kat Martin. St. Martin's Press, $6.99 (339pp) ISBN 978-0-312-97564-7

Martin's (Silk and Steel) run-of-the-mill historical set in 1805 England and the Cape Verde Islands is strictly for readers who prefer their plot subordinate to steamy scenes. In lieu of creating a believable relationship between Randall Clayton, duke of Beldon, and Cait Harmon, an American, the author substitutes pages of hot, exceedingly repetitious sex scenes and a weak plot concerning an expedition to a deserted island to find the fabled necklace Antony gave Cleopatra. Needing to fund the expedition, Cait's father relies on a dubious baron/con artist whose previous business venture led to the death of Beldon's cousin. Is Cait's father part of the con? There's a lot of dangerous trekking through jungle to shake up the limping plot, but the padded writing is just a means to jungle seductions and dangers. How many times can the hero save the heroine from rock slides and wild animals? And can this relationship between two immature individuals, based on hot sex and inane secrets, be saved? (Oct.)