cover image Me Vs. Me

Me Vs. Me

Sarah Mlynowski. Red Dress Ink, $13.95 (311pp) ISBN 978-0-373-89588-5

Gabby Wolf, 24, is all set to move to from Arizona to New York for the job of her dreams when her boyfriend, Cam, proposes to her 36 hours before her flight. Forced to choose between a $125K cable news production job and being a Southwestern wife with a less flashy career, Gabby makes an ambivalent gesture that Cam interprets as a yes. Distracted during their celebratory snog, Gabby makes a wish on a shooting star she espies out the window. The result: she gets to have both lives, transporting herself from one to the other whenever she falls asleep, and allowing her to live the same day twice in different places. Gabby is smart, funny and likeable, and Mlynowski does a nice job with some of the contradictions that arise (Can Gabby use advance knowledge gained in Arizona to get a jump on the news? Should she take a lover in New York?). But Gabby's life is exhausting, and the wearier one gets, the harder it is to suspend disbelief.