cover image No Other Woman

No Other Woman

Shannon Drake. Avon Books, $6.5 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-380-78136-2

Drake's romances tend to live in the land of ripped bodices (""`Stop!' she hissed, struggling, scratching, clawing..."") and heroines who scream, ""Put me down!"" In this second of her 19th-century Sioux- Highlands trilogy (No Other Man), Shawna MacGinnis--big heart, no brains--is threatened by satanists in black cloaks. Trying hard to protect her is Laird David Douglas and his half-Sioux brother, Hawk. David had earlier been betrayed and now after five years hard labor, has returned to to reclaim his estate and find out whether Shawna was the one who betrayed him. The plot twists get gradually sillier until Shawna ends up naked on a slab, with a follower of the Goat-God painting her body red. (June)