cover image No Other Love

No Other Love

Shannon Drake. Avon Books, $6.5 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-380-78137-9

This last in Drake's No Other romance trilogy (after No Other Man and No Other Woman) is another never-ending passionate tug-of-war between a savage hero with the heart of marshmallow and a proud, risible heroine who depends for her life on the survival skills of her hard-muscled honey. Major Sloan Trelawny, half white and half Sioux, forces Sabrina Connor to marry him after he finds out she is pregnant with his baby. (This happened, in standard Drake fashion, when she sought escape from her evil stepfather in Sloan's bedroom and he thought she was a hooker.) Sloan insists that she be a good cavalry wife and accompany him to the Dakota Territory, where they eventually wind up swearing their devotion after the battle of Little Bighorn, which exists in this rather one-note romance as both a dramatic chapter of American history and a way to show off the hero's pulchritude. (July)