cover image Right Reason: A Collection

Right Reason: A Collection

William F. Buckley, JR.. Doubleday Books, $19.95 (454pp) ISBN 978-0-385-15235-8

Buckley is at his brilliant, biting best in this latest collection of his political pieces from National Review and elsewhere. Brookhiser, a Review editor who chose the 100 selections, groups the articles as ""analyses,'' ``commentaries,'' etc., but it all amounts to Buckley holding forth on the main public issues of the seven years since A Hymnal, his previous collection. Whether writing on Iran or Nicaragua, on Reaganomics or gun control, this conservative master of the well-made argument is bright and interesting, giving supporters reasons to cheer and forcing opponents to clarify their thinking. Here are also pieces on the public's reaction to Buckley's autobiographical book, Overdrive, and on his friendship with a convict, Edgar Smith; amusing letters; and affectionate eulogies, including one for his mother. November 15