cover image Nature's End: The Consequences of the Twentieth Century

Nature's End: The Consequences of the Twentieth Century

Whitley Strieber. Warner Books, $0 (418pp) ISBN 978-0-446-51344-9

Carr's (The Return of the Gypsy sizable audience will be satisfied by her newest historical romance. As young Victoria is crowned in London, Annora Cadorson lives in lore-ridden romantic Cornwall. From the ancient manor of Cador, Annora witnesses some of the barbaric pre-Christian ritual of Midsummer's Eve, which the locals celebrate with ordeal by fire. She is shattered by her suspicion that one of the masked participants may be the neighboring lord, who has won her love but, she fears, might be covetous of her estates. When Annora's parents return to Australia to oversee family affairs, she postpones her London season to accompany them to the outback. Amidst this geographical expanse Annora holds center stage as narrator, somewhat reducing the novel's immediacy. Doubleday Book Club alternate. (April 22)