cover image Remaking Motherhood

Remaking Motherhood

Anita Shreve, Julius Held. Viking Books, $18.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-670-80722-2

Expanded from her cover article in the New York Times Magazine, Shreve's book resounds with the conviction that benefits accrue to children of ""working mothers.'' (The author regrets the semantic necessity of the phrase that is ``grossly unjust'' to housewives who work hard at home.) Wife, mother, editor and freelance writer, Shreve is among the majority of women whose occupations separate them from their children daily. Supporting her theory that her small daughter is growing up strong and independent, she here interviews other mothers in like situations, as well as specialists in child development, etc. Their observations will prove reassuring to parents who devote a goodly portion of their time to their careers. Some of Shreve's claims, however, may incite argument. Not all will agree that little boys and girls profit from androgynous fathers and mothers. 20,000 first printing; first serial to Working Mother, Parenting and New York Daily News; author tour. (May)