cover image Working Woman: A Guide to Fitness + Health

Working Woman: A Guide to Fitness + Health

Anita Shreve. C.V. Mosby, $16.95 (314pp) ISBN 978-0-8016-4606-5

Freelance journalists Shreve and Lone provide a broad but shallow overview of the hazards and priorities of good health and fitnessincluding stress, workplace dangers, addictive behavior, aging, eating disorders, birth control, depression and pregnancybut little in the way of detailed, how-to regimens. The authors, for example, discuss fitness centers established by corporations for their employees and suggest books and courses, but don't offer a step-by-step exercise routine, and some of their advice (""if you feel compelled to drink more in certain situations . . . it might be wise to avoid them'') is easier said than done. Although geared to the working woman, this book contains nonsex-specific information, such as vision problems resulting from video display terminal use. Convenient stereotyping in the form of ``all those male bosses with reputations for . . . ranting and raving when something goes wrong'' and ``the clerical worker . . . realizes that her work is . . . perceived as almost mindless routine'' is unfortunate. (September)