cover image Family Man: Family Man

Family Man: Family Man

Jayne Ann Krentz. Pocket Books, $6.99 (416pp) ISBN 978-0-671-72856-4

As personal assistant to octogenarian matriarch Justine Gilchrist, Katy Wade has spent years sorting out Gilchrist family problems; but now she pulls off a minor miracle: she persuades Justine's grandson Luke, a talented restaurant consultant who has no use for his relatives, to rescue the family's restaurant chain from its financial decline. After nosing around, Luke claims that the business is being sabotaged from within. Meanwhile some of the Gilchrists suspect that he'll destroy the company to gain revenge: his father was disinherited by Justine when he left at the altar the bride she had handpicked (the woman who became Katy's mother). In fact, Luke plots only to win Katy, which is not easy, given that the young woman wants out of her job and away from everyone named Gilchrist. In her own saucy, upbeat style, Krentz (Sweet Fortune) turns this eccentric family and pair of mismatched lovers (so everyone tells them) into an entertaining story. Krentz is even confident enough to question the genre rules she plays by so well, as when Katy walks out on Luke during a passionate love scene, saying, There's no call to get surly. You started this. Her fans will eat it up. (Oct.)