cover image Love Bugs: A Pop-Up Book

Love Bugs: A Pop-Up Book

David A. Carter. Little Simon, $13.95 (10pp) ISBN 978-0-671-86629-7

In sync with Valentine's Day's time-honored ``hearts and flowers'' motif, the creator of Jingle Bugs and Alpha Bugs fills this heart-shaped confection with sublimely silly Love Bugs, Rosebugs and similar species-all that's missing are lacy edges. And instead of the pull-tabs and flaps of Carter's earlier books, here all is intricately giddy, pop-up paper-engineering supporting a gaggle of multi-antennaed creatures (bug-eyed, of course) in appropriate reds and pinks. The opening spread, for example, swarms with fleecy clouds, against which is posed a bevy of pink-winged (and apparently unclothed) Cupid Bugs, ``shooting arrows through the air.'' The Kissing Bug suitably leaves a trail of lipstick kisses, while the eponymous insect itself is puckered up and ready for action. Who could resist such amorous antics? Ages 8-up. (Feb.)