cover image Spring: A Pop-Up Book

Spring: A Pop-Up Book

David A. Carter. Abrams Appleseed, $14.95 (12p) ISBN 978-1-4197-1912-7

Floral pop-ups appear on every spread in Carter’s seasonal follow-up to 2015’s Winter. A spiky water lily greets readers as they open the book, alongside a verse-like phrase that stretches over several pages: “Raindrops fall/ from the sky,/ pitter pat,/ making the tree frogs croak,/ ribbit, ribbit,/ and watering/ the blossoms/ that feed the bees.” Numerous outside-the-norm plants and animals are labeled in each of the digitally created scenes (koi, mason bees, and penstemon, for starters). Small mini-dramas play out in the background (deer and bears explore the bright green landscape), and a sound element helps create the impression of two bees buzzing around flowers in one pop-up. It’s a well-executed and well-rounded exploration of the season of rebirth and renewal. Ages 3–5. (Feb.)