cover image EASTER BUGS


David A. Carter, EASTER BUGSDavid A. Carter

Carter (The 12 Bugs of Christmas) gussies up his tried-and-true format in this pert pop-up, this time concealing his whimsical "bugs" behind Easter egg–shaped flaps. "Who's in the ruby red speckled egg?" asks the text on the first spread; pull down the flap of the speckled egg on the facing page and out slides a tulip-shaped "magenta Blooming Bug" behind three tall pop-up leaves. Carter's creations reflect spring: readers can stroke a fluffy yellow "Chick-Chick Bug" or admire the foil overlays on "shiny silver Raindrop Bugs." On the last spread, all the bugs appear in an elaborate pop-up basket of woven cardstock. The small, fits-in-a-basket size contributes to the considerable gift appeal. Ages 2-5. (Feb.)