cover image The Wild Ways

The Wild Ways

Tanya Huff. DAW, $24.95 (368p) ISBN 978-0-7564-0686-8

Canadian author Huff cranks up the supernaturally complicated family shenanigans in this helter-skelter sequel to 2009's The Enchantment Emporium. Charlotte "Charlie" Gale faces off against the legendarily tricky Aunt Catherine, a fellow Wild Power who's joined forces with an aggressive oil company that plans to drill in the middle of local Selkie territory. Working to save the Selkies while wrangling a bored 14-year-old cousin who's also a dragon, Charlie has to come to terms with who she is and what she's capable of doing. Zingy characterizations and a quick pace are the book's strong points, moving the reader past often-convoluted family interactions with aplomb. Unfortunately, the most interesting plot twists rush past as well, giving short shrift to Aunt Catherine's role as a master manipulator. New readers will find it tough to get up to speed, but fans of the previous book will hit the ground running. (Nov.)