cover image Not Flesh Nor Feathers

Not Flesh Nor Feathers

Cherie Priest, . . Tor, $14.95 (365pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-1310-2

Spectacular scenes of chaos and horror in a flood-drenched Chattanooga invigorate Priest's third Eden Moore fantasy (after 2006's Wings to the Kingdom ). A devastating storm swells the Tennessee River to dam-breaking levels on the eve of Eden's planned move into a new riverside apartment complex. With the gushing waters comes a tide of corpses sunk in the river for more than a century, now animated and organized by a malignant force with an inscrutable purpose. When psychic investigator Eden realizes that the zombie army is converging on historic Read House, she draws a connection to the ghost of Caroline Read, who haunts the building trying to resolve a hushed-up 19th-century atrocity. Although talky and too dependent on convenient last-minute information, Priest's tale crackles with action and occult thrills, especially in the scenes of the inundated city reeling under the double assault of Mother Nature and the supernatural. Fans will find this her most assured outing yet. (Oct.)