cover image The Corners of the Globe: A James Maxted Thriller

The Corners of the Globe: A James Maxted Thriller

Robert Goddard. Grove/Atlantic/Mysterious, $25 (400p) ISBN 978-0-8021-2522-4

Set in 1919, Edgar-winner Goddard’s second James Maxted thriller casts the former English flying ace in the role of a double agent, ostensibly working for German spy master Fritz Lemmer, whom Max, who’s really taking orders from the British secret service, suspects was involved in his father’s death in 2015’s The Ways of the World. Max is on a mission in Scotland’s remote Orkney Islands, seeking to retrieve a secret file for Lemmer while praying that his cover isn’t blown. Meanwhile in Paris, Max’s trusted partner, Sam Twentyman, discreetly continues the investigation into the death of Max’s diplomat father, who was apparently pushed from a building window because he knew more than he was supposed to about the Paris peace talks. While dotted with moments of tense action and clever dialogue, this installment suffers from a confusingly wide cast of characters and a tangled plot. History buffs and fans of period thrillers, however, will appreciate Goddard’s attention to detail. Agent: Mel Berger, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. (June)