cover image Easter Story, Old Ed Do Not Sell X-Ref to 0805063331

Easter Story, Old Ed Do Not Sell X-Ref to 0805063331

. Henry Holt & Company, $19.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8050-5052-3

Spirin (The Christmas Story) weaves together the major biblical accounts of Jesus' passion and resurrection and adorns them with stunning tempera-and-watercolor paintings in this sensitively rendered picture book. There's no mistaking Jesus' central role in these dramatic proceedings: Spirin paints him swathed in a gentle haloed radiance-brighter than the surrounding players, literally in the spotlight. Though language from the Bible is often difficult for young readers to decipher, they will likely hear these passages anew after viewing Spirin's emotional interpretations of Jesus' ride into Jerusalem, through throngs of palm-waving followers, the breaking of the bread at the Last Supper and his suffering on the cross. Each segment of text appears against the detailed architecture of the Holy Land-be it temple, palace wall or cityscape-replete with columns, gilded domes, turrets and carefully laid stone and brick. Just as elaborate are the golden vestments worn by chief priests and officers. The scenes of Jesus' death appropriately take place in a setting black as night. But angels appear throughout, rendered in the same sacred light as Jesus, and on the final, joyous page symbolize the powerful Easter message of faith and resurrection. All ages. (Mar.)