cover image Love My Shoes!

Love My Shoes!

Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Holli Conger. Ideals/CandyCane, $7.99 (18p) ISBN 978-0-8249-1853-8

With so many different kinds of shoes, how's a kid to choose? Lively collage spreads feature beads, buttons, and laces (a pink pair of laces are even threaded along the book's spine) while providing shoe-level perspectives. One girl sports "Shoes to run in,/ Chase the sun in," as she zooms through a backyard, while another praises her "Shoes that flip-flop,/ help me hip-hop." From sandals to boots to fuzzy animal slippers, the book singles out shoes for every occasion%E2%80%94including the beach where "no shoes" is the order of the day. A peppy celebration for the shoe-obsessed. Ages 2%E2%80%935. (Apr.)