cover image If You Want to Find Golden

If You Want to Find Golden

Eileen Spinelli. Albert Whitman & Company, $15.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-8075-3585-1

Inviting readers to take a fresh look at their surroundings, Spinelli ( Boy, Can He Dance ) quarries color from every drab corner and crevice of a cityscape. Her simple, engaging verse captures the beauty of a host of familiar objects as a youngster discovers the colors of his neighborhood. White illuminates the aprons, donuts and meringues at the local diner; orange emanates from ``the heat / of the flame in the barrel / as the workers keep warm'' in their orange protective vests; yellow shimmers in the school buses, mustard and ``pesky bee'' that surround a hot dog vendor. Schuett's ( I'll See You in My Dreams ) dark-edged acrylic and pastel illustrations depict a variety of perspectives and vistas, saturating each page with the appropriate hue. The animated faces of the racially diverse cast of workers and inhabitants reflect the hustle and bustle of the street. The magic of night, when ``the city is spattered with stars,'' provides a satisfying end both to the youngster's day and to this inspired book: ``You can go home, climb into bed, / listen to the silver tinkling party sounds / of the city as you fall asleep / if you want to find silver.'' Ages 5-8. (Sept.)