cover image Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Marion Dane Bauer. Clarion Books, $12.7 (141pp) ISBN 978-0-89919-356-4

The last person Leslie Johnson wants to emulate is her mother. Everyone else, the girl confides, thinks she's lucky in her mother, a kind woman. Only Leslie is embarrassed by her mother's scatty clothes, her concern for strays, her exuberant rather than good housekeeping. The new advisor to the school newspaper captivates Leslie, who believes she has found the perfect role model. Ms. Perl is soignee, clever, sharp-witted. When Leslie proposes an issue featuring criticisms of the faculty, Ms. Perl approves and okays the copy Leslie submits in spite of her mother's warning. As Mrs. Johnson predicts, the ""daring journalism'' hurts a teacher grievously and causes trouble for all involved. Among the results are facts exposing Leslie's ideal woman as a phoney. Readers will be glad to find that Bauer ends her latest outstanding story on an optimistic note. With no contrivances, she shows Leslie learning to value and practice kindness, like her mother. (1014)