cover image Frost of Heaven

Frost of Heaven

Junius Prodrug / Author, Junius Podrug / Author Dark Harvest $

In the tradition of Rider Haggard adventure stories, this absorbing debut thriller set in remote lands offers penetrating character studies along with colorful, nonstop action. Peter Novak is a young American reporter in London seeking information about his father, an RAF officer who disappeared on a secret mission over the Himalayas before his son's birth. Peter has already provoked the suspicion of MI5 when a beautiful and mysterious woman named Tashi leaves him with a satchel containing a human skull. Pursued by killers and by the police, Peter flees to Calcutta to continue his search. There he meets Tashi again and is caught in a deadly race with three ruthless men--Tashi's protector, Zhdanov; a mysterious priest known as Father Decimus; and Chinese scholar Dr. Poc--to find the secret valley of Shambala, where lies a secret that could destroy the world. Parallel story lines culminate in a cataclysmic resolution. Podrug deftly depicts his diverse locales, from modern London and contemporary, ageless Calcutta to Tibet and Mongolia, providing rare texture for his plot of violence and danger. (Aug.)