cover image Animal Man, Vol. One: The Hunt

Animal Man, Vol. One: The Hunt

Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman. DC, $14.99 trade paper (144p) ISBN 978-1-4012-3507-9

In this thrilling reconception of the classic DC character, Animal Man and his daughter attempt to combat the Rot and its representatives—a hideous trio of ravenous otherworldly hunters intent on annihilating all life. Foreman’s masterful artistic execution makes for truly engrossing and even terrifying reading. His demented and evocative creations, be they the hideous hunters from the Rot or the Totems—animalistic avatars that inhabit the universal life force called the Red (that are credited with giving him his original powers, rather than aliens)—come to life thanks to a limitless imagination and an inspired flair for horror imagery. The one slowdown to the tale is a damaging feature-length filmic intermission to the story—a collective effort by multiple artists illustrating Buddy Baker’s burgeoning acting career—which comes off as trite compared to the main story line. Otherwise, this is an unusually suspenseful and scary comic. Lemire, an award-winning graphic novelist for his Essex County trilogy, has reimagined Animal Man in a way that actually comes close to doing justice to the wicked originality and avant-garde ethos of Grant Morrison’s groundbreaking revival, which made the series such a critical success in the late ’80s. (May)