cover image Cosmic Detective

Cosmic Detective

Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and David Rubín. Image, $17.99 trade paper (208p) ISBN 978-1-5343-9945-7

With reality itself falling apart, it’s up to one world-weary gumshoe to save the universe in this trippy noir thriller from Eisner Award winner Lemire (Gideon Falls), Kindt (Mind MGMT), and Rubín (Beowulf). At the behest of his shadowy employers, the Detective attempts to solve a murder involving a dead god and a human who seems to have returned from beyond the veil. A host of obstacles both terrestrial and existential, including his own employers and a clutch of unseen enemies, stand between him and the devastating truth behind a case that may remain better off unsolved. He’s pulled through ever stranger locales and scenarios that find him uncontrollably hopping between dimensions when all he really wants is a good stiff drink and a night at home with his wife and kids. “Looks like it might be a lot of overtime,” he tells his sympathetic wife, in an understatement of intergalactic proportions. Spanish cartoonist Rubín’s bold, visceral linework and intense, ethereal palette create a dazzling future-noir world, equal parts The Third Man and The Fifth Element. It adds up to an otherworldly mystery for the ages. (Sept.)