cover image Divinity: The Complete Trilogy Deluxe Edition

Divinity: The Complete Trilogy Deluxe Edition

Matt Kindt et al. Valiant, $59.99 (528p) ISBN 978-1-68215-221-8

Comprising the various Divinity comics, with added process art and a gallery, this deluxe edition of the award-winning series is an exemplar of what is possible in visual storytelling. Abram Adams, a cosmonaut whose archetypal origin story sees him left on the doorstep of the Russian Foreign Minister in 1941, undertakes a journey to the farthest reaches of space on behalf of the Motherland. His transformation into a being known as the Divinity brings with it powers that allow him to warp the very fabric of reality. What Kindt (Mind MGMT), and his artistic collaborators have created has something profound to say, not only about the possibilities of its visual narrative form, but about who humans are and who we might be. Beyond the complex, three-dimensional characters and the detailed, imaginative artwork, this volume spoils readers with 80 pages of additional art and process work featuring commentary by the series creators. These insights provide a valuable look into how a story of this scope is developed. Packed with action, ideas and gorgeous artwork, it’s a superb achievement. (Feb.)