cover image Weezer Changes the World

Weezer Changes the World

David M. McPhail, . . S&S/Beach Lane, $15.99 (40pp) ISBN 978-1-4169-9000-0

Much as he did in No! McPhail underscores the power of a single individual to bring about broad change. Understated text and loose, unadorned pen-and-ink illustrations introduce Weezer, a typically mischievous puppy who acquires extraordinary talents after being struck by lightning (as a jagged yellow bolt appears to tap the dog's nose, the text reads, “Then one day, something striking happened that changed him”). He's helpful with math homework and knows “which drapes went best with the new furniture,” but his ambitions soar higher, as he gives piano concerts to benefit the poor, works to cure diseases, and meets with world leaders “to show them the way to Peace on Earth.” Hit by another lightning bolt, Weezer recovers in bed while get-well notes pour in from fans who vow to carry on his good works. Back on his feet, Weezer returns to being “a plain old dog,” but, because of him, people all over the world “were changed forever.” This parable works well as a springboard for conversation about making a difference—despite Weezer's comically overblown achievements, McPhail delivers his message with subtlety. Ages 3–7. (Dec.)