cover image The World As We Know It

The World As We Know It

Joseph Monninger. S&S/Gallery, $15 trade paper (368p) ISBN 9781451606348

Critically-acclaimed Monninger, known for outstanding character development and lavish landscapes, does it again with this tale of young New Hampshire brothers and the world they construct. Ed and Allard live in a small room under a massive "dream map,%E2%80%9D sharing visions of exploration and building a spectacular future. While ice-skating down the river, they find Sarah, a stranded girl stuck in the ice who changes the course of their adventures. The three become fast friends and, over the years, come to inhabit a world completely of their own. Determined to be wild-life filmmakers, they work to achieve some notoriety and discover everything mother nature has to offer. The love between this dogged, adventurous trio%E2%80%94especially the adolescent love of Allard and Sarah%E2%80%94is innocent, sincere, and touching. Monniger (Eternal on the Water) presents a fascinating exploration about true love, fate, and the roads taken in life. (Oct.)