cover image The Interloper

The Interloper

Dave Zeltserman. CreateSpace, $15 trade paper (332p) ISBN 978-1-4992-1614-1

Ex-soldier and unemployed former liquor salesman Dan Willis, the hero of this action-packed, darkly witty thriller from Zeltserman (Husk), joins a newly created government department of Homeland Protection known as the Factory, which has “extraordinary powers to deal with the insidious and imminent threat to the country’s survival.” After three months of training, his superiors dispatch him to the Boston area to carry out his job as an assassin. After a score of hits, Willis begins to suspect that some of his targets aren’t terrorists, and when he investigates them more fully, he realizes he’s been duped and must stop the Factory’s mission. Willis slips into the underworld of crime to bring in money, using the subversive skills gleaned from his training and some of the Factory’s electronic tracking devices. Things seldom proceed as planned, and chaos erupts when an “interloper” gets one of Willis’s criminal colleagues in his sights. Zeltserman creates characters who, while at times amusing, still maintain their terrifying aura of unleashed fury. [em](BookLife) [/em]