cover image Another Woman

Another Woman

Penny Vincenzi. Overlook, $26.95 (512p) ISBN 978-1-59020-357-6

Vincenzi's newest (after%C2%A0Forbidden Places) is a complicated family saga, filled with lies, unfaithfulness, and unexpected turmoil. In classic Vincenzi fashion, this novel reads like a soap opera, following a massive cast of characters who are poised for sensational melodrama. Cressida Forrest, a high-society English rose, is set to marry a wealthy New York doctor in what will surely be a perfect wedding. However, when the bride and the dress go missing on the big day, friends and family begin an emotionally fraught search. Her disappearance shows no signs of foul play, leaving her loved ones even more confused and distraught. As they begin to look into Cressida's personal life for clues to explain her vanishing, layer after layer of a secret life is peeled away. Meanwhile, the inner demons of other family members are also exposed, rendering Cressida's disappearance a catalyst for myriad dramatic revelations. Few authors can successfully tie together such elaborate storylines and develop such well-maintained characters. Although there are moments when readers will wish one narrative would close so another could be pursued more fully, in the end each one is worthwhile. (Jan.)