cover image THE KINGSLAYER: Seven Steps to the Arbiter

THE KINGSLAYER: Seven Steps to the Arbiter

L. Ron Hubbard, Author , read by R.F. Daley, Denice Duff, Jim M

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FictionTHE KINGSLAYER: Seven Steps to the ArbiterL. Ron Hubbard, read by R.F. Daley, Denice Duff, Jim Meskimen, Jack Armstrong and Bob Caso. Galaxy Audio, unabridged, three CDs, 2.5 hrs., $25 ISBN 1-59212-168-3

Fans of space operas and old action-adventure radio serials should appreciate this rousing drama, which appeared in a pulp in the 1950s. It's 3975, and civilization has spread out among the stars. Unfortunately, people still don't get along, so an Arbiter has been selected. When it seems that the Arbiter may be despotic and responsible for countless evils, Christopher Randall Kellan, a 30-year-old veteran of the spaceways, is chosen to seek out the mysterious Arbiter. As he undertakes his dangerous mission, you may believe you have time traveled to your youth and are listening to an exciting radio serial, with Chinese and Hispanic villains sneering while the stalwart, red-haired hero comes up with new super-scientific inventions to defeat them. The large cast employs many voices and accents, obviously enjoying themselves to the hilt. Readers will, too. Hubbard's dialogue-heavy tale makes for lively listening, and though there's no time for subtlety here, the author's descriptions of everything from space outposts to a simple game of chess are remarkably colorful. (Aug.)