cover image The Headhunters

The Headhunters

L. Ron Hubbard, read by a full cast. Galaxy Press, unabridged, two CDs, 2 hrs., $9.95 ISBN 978-1-59212-288-2

Equal parts adventure and action, Hubbard's novella tells the tale of Tom Christian, a man trying to reclaim his treasure on the Solomon Islands. Though he makes friends with the coastal inhabitants, those further inland are known for their vicious tactics including cannibalism. Led by Punjo Charlie, a sinister trickster, the islanders attack Christian and his friends as they attempt to reclaim the treasure. The story pulls listeners in, but like most pulp fiction, this narrative has some dubious representations of race and gender, which are two-dimensional and, at times, offensive. Director Jim Meskimen does well creating a pitched audio environment with a sense of adventure and excitement through a mixture of actors, sound effects, and musical score. A Galaxy hardcover. (Apr.)