cover image Mind MGMT Volume One: The Manager

Mind MGMT Volume One: The Manager

Matt Kindt. Dark Horse, $19.99 (152p) ISBN 978-1-59582-797-5

In Kindt’s latest, a writer named Meru, inspired by the story of the fictional Flight 815, in which a planeload of people are simultaneously struck with amnesia, sets out to uncover the truth behind the bizarre event. She soon discovers a town in Mexico where all of the adults have fallen victim to self-destructive monomania, a hint that whatever happened on Flight 815 was not unique. Dogged by a pair of fanatic and unstoppable pursuers, aided by an assortment of strangers, Meru’s quest takes her around the world to the one man who can explain to her what is going on—a man known as Harry Lyme. Kindt (Super Spy, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.) excels at complicated mysteries, and this is no exception, with numerous allusions to pop culture, as the names of Harry Lyme (The Third Man) and Flight 815 (Lost) indicate. While his art is cartoony and often looks dashed off, the storytelling keeps the mystery rocketing along. (Apr.)