cover image Ninjak, Vol. 1: Weaponeer

Ninjak, Vol. 1: Weaponeer

Matt Kindt, Clay Mann, Marguerite Sauvage, and Butch Guice. Valiant, $9.99 trade paper (176p) ISBN 978-1-939346-66-7

This reboot of the 1990s action/adventure comic book series makes the most of a high-tech superspy story, featuring a James Bond%E2%80%93like masked ninja. Colin King is Ninja-K (as opposed to Ninja-A, B, C, etc.), a rich Englishman who freelances as a spy for Britain's MI6. Written by Kindt (Mind Mgmt), this is a well-done pastiche of gadget-based spy fiction, modern pulp, and Frank Miller's Daredevil. Pencils are handled by Mann (Gambit) and Sauvage (Sensation Comics), and though some of the action sequences are hard to follow in the beginning, the artists quickly find their stride. Flashback's to Ninjak's youth reveal a skewed Batman/Alfred relationship with his butler/caretaker, whom he persistently tries to maim or kill, and who, it is implied, physically abuses him. A Kill Bill%E2%80%93style flashback issue reveals the dream-like origin of Ninjak's Elektra-lite superspy antagonist, Roku. This fast-paced and fun compilation doesn't break new ground, but it does what it does very, very well. (Oct.)