cover image Armor Hunters, Deluxe Edition

Armor Hunters, Deluxe Edition

Matt Kindt, Robert Venditti, and Joshua Dysart. Valiant, $49.99 (480p) ISBN 978-1-93934-672-8

A team of highly advanced armor hunters are on a mission to destroy all of the powerful X-O Manowar armor in the universe, in this massive crossover featuring all of Valiant’s top characters. The armor, being sentient alien tech, bonds with a host body and destroys worlds, but the hunters also have immense destructive power, and so both sides are pitted against each other in an escalating battle. On Earth, the armor worn by Aric of Dacia has been controlled and is no longer a threat, but the hunters can’t be persuaded that the danger has been averted, prompting a devastating war. The book does an excellent job of creating high stakes and sympathetic protagonists and antagonists, with both camps believing strongly that they are doing right. But like any crossover event, this one is a bit bloated and overblown in places. Though the many artists involved have different strengths and weaknesses, the collection is impressively cohesive. (Apr.)