cover image A Place on Earth

A Place on Earth

Wendell Berry, , read by Paul Michael. . Christian Audio, $29.98 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-59644-485-0

Christian Audio continues on its ambitious course to bring Wendell Berry's Port William Membership novels to the audio format with accomplished narrator Paul Michael once again demonstrating his tremendous range. Set in the closing months of World War II, Berry incorporates familiar characters from other works in the series without focusing on a particular individual or family. Instead, the town of Port William serves as the central protagonist, offering the uninitiated a Berry immersion course, though one that requires attentive and patient listening. The multiple story lines of loss and redemption weave together at a deliberate pace, much like the agrarian rhythms of planting and harvesting that Berry holds so dear. As always, Michael demonstrates a special knack for dialogue, especially the nuances of marriage, family and friendship in a rural community. Granted, when measured by the yardstick of the contemporary fiction marketplace, A Place on Earth can certainly be described as demanding, but the excellent production offers a feast of the senses for discerning audiences. A Counterpoint paperback. (Oct.)