cover image Justice League of America: Exterminators

Justice League of America: Exterminators

Christopher Golden, , read by a full cast. . GraphicAudio, $19.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-59950-444-5

Capitalizing on their success with DC Comics' Infinite Crisis and 52 ,Graphic Audio is producing several more polished book-based stories from DC. The Justice League of America encounter a wide proliferation of meta-humans (who all sound like they come from the U.K.) who transform into bug-like creatures that burrow into the earth and reemerge to wreak havoc. Though the episodic story lacks the development and sophistication of the company's previous productions, GraphicAudio still creates a beautiful mix of dialogue, sound effects and background music. Disappointingly, much of the soundtrack has been recycled from previous productions. Richard Rohan's narration still captivates with its deep tone and sense of immediacy. A Pocket Star paperback. (June)