cover image Cheltneham's Party Lgb Spc EDT

Cheltneham's Party Lgb Spc EDT

Jan Wahl, Golden Books. Golden Books, $3.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-307-11630-7

The merriment in Wahl's new tale is visible in McQueen's action-packed, full-color pictures. Cheltenham, the marmalade cat, anticipates the pleasures of freedom when his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Rood, go to their Aunt Liza's birthday celebration. Investigating a cupboard, Cheltenham finds party hats and favors and leaves the house to invite a gang to a soiree of his own. Teabag and Fleabag the kittens, Sherlock the bulldog, Willie the raccoon, Rita Jane and the other neighborhood chickens, as well as a trio of stray dogs, follow the host eagerly. They are having a glorious time and the rooms are strewn with snapped crackers, trampled taste treats, etc., when the owners return unexpectedly. Mrs. Rood demands an explanation. But, ""Cats don't talk,'' said he, licking his paws. (4-7)