cover image Defining a Nation: Our America and the Sources of Its Strength

Defining a Nation: Our America and the Sources of Its Strength

Russell Baker, Author, Ben Bradley, Author, William F. Buckley, JR., Author National Geographic Society $40 (304p) ISBN 978-0-7922-6144-5

Bestselling author and Pulitzer winner Halberstam brings together a powerhouse list of journalists and scholars to consider why America,""for all its flaws, for all the things I dissent from, remains so powerful a beacon to so many of the less favored of the world."" Thirty-six writers consider a range of issues in American history and culture, from foreign policy to education, technology, and even cuisine. Anthony Lewis examines our open society and the role of the courts in maintaining our freedoms. Harold Moore (We Were Soldiers Once...and Young) extols the citizen-soldier and the remarkable courage he has seen such soldiers exhibit. Anna Quindlen discusses Margaret Sanger, the woman who put family planning on the national agenda, as a central figure in 20th century feminism. With 300 black-and-white and color illustrations, this beautiful volume makes a wonderful gift for patriots of all stripes--even those, like Halberstam, who often label themselves dissenters.