cover image The Shipkiller

The Shipkiller

Justin Scott. Pegasus Crime, $25.95 (432p) ISBN 978-1-60598-371-4

Clive Cussler, Scott’s collaborator on the bestselling The Thief, provides a new preface to this 1978 Scott novel, which PW reviewed that year: “When the world’s largest supertanker collides with Peter Hardin’s small yacht and kills his wife, he vows to avenge her death by destroying the colossal Leviathan. In the biggest sea hunt since Ahab sailed out of New Bedford, Hardin sets out with a stolen missile launcher and Ajaratu, a beautiful black doctor who treats his wounds and falls in love with him. As a fast-paced and thoroughly exciting chase ensues across the oceans of the world, Hardin and Ajaratu face a variety of dangers, not the least of which is the cunning captain of the tanker. The Israeli secret service comes into the picture when they guess Hardin’s plan, and they help him in the hopes of developing a counter-threat to Arab terrorism. Scott, author of The Turning, spent time on a freighter researching the book, and his efforts pay off in a first-rate tale of suspense.” Agent: Henry Morrison, Henry Morrison Literary Agency. (June)