cover image Death Trick: An Inspector Alvarez Novel

Death Trick: An Inspector Alvarez Novel

Roderic Jeffries / Author St. Martin's Press $0 (180p) ISBN 97

Jeffries treats his fans to the seventh elegantly humorous, captivating mystery starring Inspector Enrique Alvarez of Mallorca. Deceptively unassuming, the detective is known for his penetrating insights but has to rely more on plodding footwork to investigate his latest case. Someone murders Pablo Roig, a shameless swindler and womanizer; the problem is that there are too many suspects, whom Alvarez questions fruitlessly. One is Gerald Oakley, a cheated investor who has disappeared and, though the inspector repeatedly interrogates the island's expatriates, no one furnishes a clue to the missing man. Alvarez seeks answers as well from widowed Julia Monserrat, Roig's housekeeper; Elena, the heiress he married for money; Eulalie Vidal and other mistresses Roig had used and discarded. A false confession further muddies the waters but the Inspector uncovers the truth, finally, using a ploy worthy of his (and the author's) cunning. (September)