cover image Dark Bites

Dark Bites

Sherrilyn Kenyon. St. Martin’s, $25.99 (576p) ISBN 978-0-312-37686-4

Aptly named, Kenyon’s deliciously decadent collection pulls together a sampling of sometimes-sweet, often-sensual stories that will delight even the most persnickety reader. The collection opens with the beautifully emotional “House of the Rising Son,” the tale of a god’s daughter and the warrior who taught her to feel. It progresses to the age of time travel in “Shadow of the Moon,” where redemption is the key for Arcadian Angelia and Katagarian Fury. The theme binding the collection is that of second chances, whether for love (“Santa Wears Spurs”) or to right a past wrong (“Until Death We Do Part”). Wars among deities, family feuds, and fantasy fan conventions are brought together with humor and sexy spice. This well-balanced treat for Kenyon’s fans is also an excellent introduction for new readers, who will be inspired to go on an immediate hunt through her extensive backlist. (Jan.)