cover image Phantom in the Night

Phantom in the Night

Sherrilyn Kenyon, with Dianna Love. . Pocket, $15 (404pp) ISBN 978-1-4165-0357-6

All hell breaks loose in this over-the-top romantic thriller from bestseller Kenyon (BAD Attitude ) and Love (aka Dianna Love Snell, Worth Every Risk ). Terri Mitchell, a beautiful blonde agent with the Bureau of American Defense (aka BAD), saw her last partner killed while pursuing Anton Marseaux, a New Orleans gangster. A mysterious U.S. operative goes MIA while on a government mission and resurfaces two years later to help Terri with her investigation. But is he Jamie Drake, a newly released jailbird, or the phantom of Jamie's brother, Nathan, found murdered while working as a mole within Marseaux's organization? Whoever he is, he's hot, really buff—and he wants to protect Terri and make love to her until her toes curl. Da Vinci Code –derivative components tweaked with a bioterrorism twist add extra punch. (June)