cover image Tag Man: A Joe Gunther Novel

Tag Man: A Joe Gunther Novel

Archer Mayor. Minotaur, $25.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-312-68194-4

Mayor’s 22nd Joe Gunther procedural (after 2010’s Red Herring) offers strong ensemble play from Gunther, head of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation, and VBI staffers Willy Kunkle, Sammie Martens, and Lester Spinney as well as their Brattleboro police colleague, Ron Klesczewski. The action centers on the person known as “Tag Man,” who breaks into supposedly secure, occupied houses, explores them, takes nothing of value, but leaves a Post-it as his calling card. The Tag Man enjoys the challenge and the risk, until he makes a grisly discovery and is identified by one of his victims, who sends a hit man after him. Gunther, though on medical leave following a grievous personal loss, volunteers to help Klesczewski unmask the Tag Man. Multiple games of cat-and-mouse ensue as the Tag Man tries to elude both police and a determined killer. Vermont’s history and geography again serve Mayor well in this deadly and highly entertaining entry. (Oct.)