cover image The Burning

The Burning

Graham Masterton / Author Tor Books $18.95 (310p) ISBN 978-0-3

Lloyd Denman of San Diego has everything--the love of a beautiful woman, a thriving restaurant business and money in the bank. But even such bliss is prey to the forces of evil as this horror novel by the author of The Manitou recounts in stunning detail. When Denman's fiancee immolates herself shortly before their wedding, he learns that she was a disciple of cultist and former Nazi kingpin Otto Mander, who grants immmortality to his followers (who are known as Salamanders) if they burn themselves to death. Denman discovers Mander's plan to use the Salamanders--who are resurrected as human torches and can incinerate others at will--to found a Fourth Reich and take over the world. To thwart him, Denman enlists the aid of a 12-year-old Pechanga Indian shaman with 20th-century street-smarts and ancient magic. The duo struggle to outmaneuver Mander, but Denman fears that the insect-eating fascist is himself an acolyte of some omniscient malevolence. Social responsibility, as outlined in this savvy tale, is the foundation of a civilized society and our first defense against chaos. (Apr.)